Connect With Your Friends Anytime, Anywhere!

Graphchat allows you to chat with your friends even when you do not have access to internet, with advanced bluetooth connectivity.

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Premium Features

Graphchat is the authentic chatting app that enables private messaging with moderate features.

Share Text & Photos

Now share photos and videos with your nearby friends and chat with them without any network error.

Offers Short Range Bluetooth Communication

Graphchat allows you to communicate with people in your vicinity i.e. within the range of 200-250 metres.

No Internet Required

Chat and communicate with people around you even if there is no internet connection available.

Works Like A Walkie Talkie

Just like a Walkie-Talkie, this app enables you to create a direct offline connection with the other users without any active internet connection.

Creates Peer to Peer Network

This offline messaging app provides peer to peer messaging option that creates a mesh network around you.

End-To-End Encrypted Messages

Allow you to send direct end-to-end encrypted messages to provide secure flow of messages .

About The App

Quick one-to-one connection without any central server.

Graphchat is a real-time chatting app that introduce you to the offline chatting environment where you can connect and communicate with nearby strangers, friends, or family within the range of 200-250 metres. It uses bluetooth to send messages from one phone to another, eliminating the need of internet connectivity. The only important factor is that you and the other person should have the same app installed on the smartphone, and then you are all set to go with the chat flow.

What Can You Do With Graphchat

Chat instantly with anyone around you.

With Graphchat, you can get full featured chatting platform on your smartphone that can even operate without any data usage. It keeps you connected to you friends nearby.
This app creates a graph of all the people nearby by considering each individual as a node, and thus frames the connectivity network.
All You need is to enter your name, and you are in.

Ideal Situations For The Graphchat App

No network, No internet, Not to worry! Graphchat is here for your rescue.

Be it music festival, any sports event, trekking with friends, times of internet shutdown, travelling abroad, or natural disaster, this app work wonders for the people to communicate with each other smoothly.


What Our Users Says

This is a great app. It feels good to know that you can still connect with your friends irrespective of the situation you are in.

Ena Shah

Teacher at Abc School

Me and my friends are travelling freaks and this app is just the synonym of hope for us.

Mrs. Gosh


Internet is no more the bar. This app is the perfect way to communicate with friends even without internet access.100% worth using.

John Doe